What is cloud seeding

Cloud seeding is the process of inducing microscopic particles or aerosols namely Calcium Chloride or Silver iodide into the clouds which alter the microphysical processes within the cloud. This process triggers the formation of rain drops.

The operations are conducted with the help of two modified aircraft. The meteorologists will study the daily climatic conditions and will brief the team about the plan of seeding on every day. Radar will be installed in the ground station which has a range of 200 kilometres. The meteorologist in the ground station will identify the clouds suitable for seeding. The pilots will launch the aircraft as per the directions of the meteorologists and will get directions through a telemetry established between the ground station and the aircraft. The pilots will release the aerosols by burning flares fitted to the wings into the updraft of the cloud in the precise areas suggested by the meteorologist. Once the particles are induced in to the cloud and make the cloud to precipitate. .

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